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Looking for an animator.

2011-01-08 02:57:45 by kandtanimations

Okay, so I'm working on a feature-length film. There is a segment in the film in which it shows an animated dream sequence. I don't have the talent to pull this off but think I can find some one here to help.
You have to be good with making cartoony versions of people in detailed environments. Also you need to be able to make a fairly detailed car, specifically a 60's Camaro.
You may need to have some what of a odd sense of humor. The dream is quite random with lots of dark fast pased comedy. To give a hint it involves a giant fish, nazis, and as stated before a car. I will get more in to it once I'm contacted.
If you are interested contact me at tylermoore@kandtanimations.com
Include some of your previous work. If I like what I see I will begin sending you specifics, including scripts/story boards, pictures, ideas, and anything more descriptive.


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